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The Full Story


More than a decade ago, The idea of The Questioneers was born.

It began in a school library in Los Angeles, California; April Larson, the founder, inspired her kids through books, media, and questions about the world around them. 


The mascot, a stuffed dolphin they nicknamed Chowder, would fly around the world and bring back pictures and stories of his travels and what he learned while meeting all sorts of new and interesting people that lived on our planet. 


The kids began to ask all sorts of questions, and wanted to influence and change their present and future. 


Hence the Questioneers’ Quests began.

Now Questioneers share their images & stories with each other and through those images, engage in meaningful conversations and ideas that deal with cultures different from their own, and open their perspectives to their fellow Questioneers that live all around the world. 


Moving beyond just Chowder’s travels, the kids began to learn how to take their own pictures and share what their corner of the world looks like. If the earth had hands, it would look like the growing community of The Questioneers. 



Education is the most powerful tool in the fight against inequality and oppression.

Our mission is simple yet very effective, we want to educate children around the world about the world around them.


We want to help them express themselves through the power of Photography and writing. We also want these children across our planet to communicate with one another so they can build friendships that are built upon direct knowledge of the other.

In that way, our children will be able to express themselves freely and learn to accept others before society has a chance to teach them otherwise.


Our vision is to have The Questioneers become a society of children and Alumni that support and each other and understand each other.

We thrive to have a Questioneers' office in every major city in every country.

We wish for our students now to become mentors themselves and grow the family of the Questioneers over the decades to come.

A wise human once said that the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago... and NOW.



April Larson Assi

April is the creative powerhouse behind the Questioneers with experience in film/media on social justice issues, diverse cultures, and evolutionary forms of expression.

Her creative problem solving skills enable her to work like John Henry and adapt like an animal from the Galapagos Islands.


Native of Seattle, she has lived and worked all over the globe - from Los Angeles to Lebanon - which has widened her lens and given her a unique perspective.


She is a rare breed that sits on the cutting edge of technology without losing sight of a solid storytelling foundation. She believes that a director/founder is only as good as their team and those involved.


Joseph Assi

Joseph began his career in film editing at the age of 14, editing news footage in the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he was born and raised.  His talent, intellect and creativity led to multiple scholarships in Beirut, where he graduated with a BA in Film and a Masters in Cinematography. One of Ansel Adams’ students was Joseph’s teacher. 

In 2010, Joseph was chosen to be featured in a documentary in the US. This unique opportunity allowed him to work in America, and to train with a team of multicultural and award-winning documentaries in LA. This is also where he met April, and came on board with the vision of The Questioneers. He took April back to Lebanon for The Questioneers in 2010 and that is where the Questioneers Documentary began. 

In 2016 Joseph started a media  company with Tom Skerritt in Seattle, and he was also a teacher and lecturer at TheFilmSchool, where he taught editing and new media storytelling. 

Joseph maintains proficiency across every aspect of new media technology - such as Cinematography, Editing, animation, web-design, NFT’s, and all things Tech. He has an extraordinary work ethic broadened and deepened by his life experience, and shares that knowledge with his students.

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Elie Assi

Between being a Questioneer in 2010 to becoming a Questioneers' mentor in 2022. Elie had become a film school graduate, a renowned musician & a respected volunteer in many NGOs across Lebanon. 

Now he dedicates his time to the Questioneers.

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