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4 shots

After a storm that lasted 7 days, and after the sun came out, the Questioneer’s kids were excited to attend the class and to see what activity is next to do.

Next step was letting the Questioneers kids to know that they should download an editing application on their phones called VN.

I tought them how it works and it is a very kids friendly program.

They got it straight away and started discovering it.

The Questioneers kids were divided into groups so that each 2 can go and take shots of 4 scenes. So each goup thought of a certain idea and went to execute it.

Each group went and took shots and came back after half an hour. They opened the editing application and uploaded all the taken shots on it. Each group edited a short video and finalized it with a music track so that i can check them all out.

I checked all the videos and watched them all and corrected each detail with each group.


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