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Halloween 🎃

The questioneer's kids surprised me and visited me at home on halloween's day! They were all dressed up in costumes and it was really fun. They all sang and danced and it was the best halloween so far!

The questioneers kids after attending the weekly class, they wanted to know who the winner was for the week.

I informed them that Joe Damouni was the winner!

Joe damouni:

We discussed the movie we are preparing for but apparently the kids didnt have the chance to work on it this week because of the school exams stress. So we all agreed once they are done, they really have to be prepared for the next session!

This week's exercise was to take a shot and it should reflect Halloween's day. So they divided themselves into 2 groups and they all went on the run to take the best shots that can tell us about this day.

First group took this shot. However, i sent them back to try again and get a better shot. The previous one was the first trial and the following shot is the second trial. Which do you think is better?

Second group didnt get the good shot either since it was really blurry. They tried again as you can see.


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