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Lets act together

The best part is when you think you're the smart one, and suddenly you discover that all the students are smarter than you and they caught you in a trap, haha.

Joe and I agreed to play a prank on the questioneers kids. They all sensed something but didn't say anything and were just watching to see what would happen. In the end, they told me they knew it was a prank all along.

I divided them into pairs and gave each pair a topic to prepare and act out in front of us. I chose three students to be the judges, along with myself. It was new for everyone. I gave each team some time to prepare their scene.

Team 1, Joe and Jason, had the topic of one person being thirsty and the other having water but not wanting to share it, representing selfishness.

Team 2, Jonas and Marven, had the topic of preparing a scene about lying.

Team 3, Nada and Melissa, had the topic I chose for them, which was about honesty.

Team 4, Reem and Tia, had the topic where Tia speaks a foreign language, and Reem has to translate.

The judges were Carolina, Martin, Geryes, and myself.

They were all adorable, and we laughed a lot. The judges were a bit tough with the scores; they weren't very generous, but they were fair to everyone. We had a lot of fun, and everyone was very happy. We ended up giving prizes to the first, second, and third teams.

And I gave them an exercise for next week: each one should come up with a story idea. Everyone is free to think of whatever they want.


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