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The Event of Year 2

After two years with the questioneers in Lebanon, it was a very beautiful experience that I lived through. All the young children grew up in front of my eyes, and they were succeeding and developing skills in photography, thinking, and analysis. Out of 10 children who didn't know how to hold a camera, were shy, and didn't know how to express themselves, after 2 years they became very skilled in photography, they started expressing their feelings and opinions, they became more articulate, they developed a vision, and they started imagining better.

We made a short movie before the event to show it to the parents so they could see their children in the real-life setting of the simplicity we live in. It was a very beautiful idea, and everyone enjoyed it a lot, both the parents and the children. Honestly, it was one of the most beautiful events I've ever organized.

There was a popcorn station, there was juice, and there was cake at the end. In summary, it was an event full of surprises and enjoyable things.

I let the parents participate with me, ask questions, and share their experiences with their children. The questioneers' kids were a bit shy but happy that their parents were talking about them. Usually, they don't see this side of their parents, so it was something new and beautiful for them.

We distributed certificates to every student, and the joy was immense. We also held a competition for the best photo taken, which the parents voted on. Everyone participated; it was an amazing experience. Even now, the students are still talking about the event that took place.

We all cut the cake together and everyone applauded. I saw parents crying and tearing up while clapping, looking at their children with very beautiful expressions. Honestly, I teared up too.

The culmination of our journey with the questioneers in Lebanon was nothing short of magical. From the initial days of hesitation and shyness to a grand celebration where students showcased their newfound confidence and skills, every moment was a testament to their growth. The event was a symphony of joy, with parents beaming with pride, some shedding tears of happiness, and children reveling in their achievements. The popcorn, juice, and cake added to the festive atmosphere, but the true highlight was witnessing the bond between parents and their children strengthen through shared experiences and stories. This journey has not only been about learning and skill development but also about building a community of support, love, and inspiration. As we reflect on this remarkable experience, the smiles and applause of that day continue to resonate, reminding us of the beauty of growth and the power of togetherness.


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