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Y2W2 - The Toys Exercise

This is week two's photography exercise for the Questioneers using one of their toys.


  1. Choose one of your favorite toys that has a lot of character or personality, like a stuffed animal or action figure.

  2. Decide on a theme or story for your toy, like a day in the life of your toy or an adventure your toy goes on.

  3. Find a location that fits your theme or story, like a park, beach, or your backyard.

  4. Set up your scene using props and items you find in your location, like sticks, leaves, or rocks.

  5. Experiment with different camera settings and angles to capture your toy in action, like using a fast shutter speed to capture movement or a low aperture to blur the background.

  6. Take a series of photos to tell your story or show your toy's adventure.

  7. Print out your favorite photo or make a collage of your photos to display.


Let's say your favorite toy is a teddy bear named Benny. You decide to create a story about Benny going on a camping adventure in your backyard.

First, you gather items from around your yard, like sticks, rocks, and leaves, to create a campsite for Benny. You set up a tent made out of a blanket and a few chairs, and create a campfire using sticks and leaves.

Next, you pose Benny in different ways to capture his adventure. You take a photo of him roasting marshmallows over the campfire, another photo of him reading a book in the tent, and a third photo of him exploring the woods around the campsite.

You experiment with different camera settings, like using a low aperture to blur the background and highlight Benny in the foreground. You also adjust the white balance to create a warm, cozy feel to the photos.

Once you're happy with your photos, you print out your favorite photo and display it on your wall or make a collage of your photos to share with your family and friends.


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