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Yellow leaf

The Questioneers kids came excited like every week eventhough they are really packed with all the homework and exams they have at school.

It is true that This session is only once per week but it gives them motivation and refreshness away from the school curriculum.

This week’s theme was to capture diffterent angles and shots of a leaf 🍃 and tell us the story behind each one. Also i told them the gridline that they must follow while capturing the requested.

They came back so excited speaking to eachother in a way that loud voices were all over the place!

Each one of them stepped up and show cased his or her shot so confidently. While doing that, i prepared box of small papers written on them ideas so they had to pick one and create a story of the shot related to the idea they picked. At first, they were confused but then it soon turned out to be a very interesting and creative game!

After they all showcased their shots and explained their stories, everyone applauded for one another. Meanwhile i chose the best shot but before telling them whos is the best they were told to install all their work on instagram first.

Lets see the shots they took:


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