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The Full Story


Embarking on a Journey of Curiosity: The Questioneers

Over a decade ago, nestled within the heart of a school library in Los Angeles, California, a seed of curiosity was planted by April Larson, a visionary educator passionate about awakening the inquisitive spirits of her students. Through the enchanting realms of books, media, and thought-provoking questions about the world that surrounds us, April sowed the initial idea of The Questioneers—a community bound by the love of discovery and the joy of learning.

The Questioneers found their first companion in Chowder, a stuffed dolphin with an insatiable wanderlust. Chowder became more than a mascot; he was a symbol of adventure and the endless possibilities that come with seeking knowledge. As he 'flew' around the globe, Chowder brought back not only pictures but stories and lessons from the myriad of people he encountered. Each tale, each image, was a window into the lives of those living in corners of the world vastly different from their own, yet intrinsically connected by shared hopes, dreams, and curiosities.

Inspired by Chowder's journeys, the children of The Questioneers began to explore their own queries about the world. Their questions were not just whispers in the wind; they were the echoes of a deep desire to influence and shape both their present and the future.

This collective yearning for knowledge and understanding gave rise to the Questioneers' Quests—an initiative that transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences.

Today, The Questioneers stand as a testament to the power of inquiry and the magic of shared stories. By exchanging images and narratives, members of this vibrant community engage in meaningful conversations that bridge cultural gaps and expand worldviews. It is a celebration of diversity, a dialogue that enriches minds and nurtures empathy.

Beyond the vicarious adventures of Chowder, The Questioneers have learned to document their own experiences, capturing the essence of their environments through photography and storytelling. What started with a single dolphin's travels has evolved into a collective endeavor, with each member contributing to a mosaic of global perspectives. If the Earth had hands, they would indeed resemble the ever-growing, interconnected community of The Questioneers.

In the realm of The Questioneers, every question is an invitation to journey deeper into the mysteries of our world, to connect with others across the vast expanse of our planet, and to weave together the tapestry of human experience through the lens of curiosity and compassion. Welcome to a place where questions are the compass that guides us, and every discovery is a step towards understanding the infinite beauty of our shared existence.



Education is the most powerful tool in the fight against inequality and oppression.

Our mission is simple yet very effective, we want to educate children around the world about the world around them.


We want to help them express themselves through the power of Photography and writing. We also want these children across our planet to communicate with one another so they can build friendships that are built upon direct knowledge of the other.

In that way, our children will be able to express themselves freely and learn to accept others before society has a chance to teach them otherwise.


Our vision is to have The Questioneers become a society of children and Alumni that support and each other and understand each other.

We thrive to have a Questioneers' office in every major city in every country.

We wish for our students now to become mentors themselves and grow the family of the Questioneers over the decades to come.

A wise human once said that the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago... and NOW.

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