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When you give to the Questioneers, you are giving children around the world the much needed opportunities to learn more about the Arts and about self expression, in their communities.


The Questioneers learn from each other and grow the ideas they share with other Questioneers around the world.



Help us reach our goal to start new classes in new countries for the New Year in 2023.

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step.  So, every donation, no matter how small will help us move forward towards our goal.

Donations to The Questioneers are tax deductible through our 501c3 Fiscal Sponsor, Northwest Film Forum.

Follow the Donate button below to make your contribution. 


LEBANON year 2

Thanks to Grandma Max / Max Fund,  our goal of $20K for 2022 was met and we were able to start the classes in Lebanon.

Our goal for 2023 will help us expand our mission into more countries and connect more children together.


The Questioneers can then create together, get to know one another and experience each others' cultures at a young age; Thus, building bridges of love and breaking stereotypes.

All donations are fully tax deductible through the NorthWest Film Form, Learn More


1515 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122 | 206-329-2629 |

A cornerstone of Northwest Film Forum’s mission is the discovery of new voices, and we rely on individuals to help make their films possible. Each year we support the production of over thirty films through programs such as this one, our equipment grants and direct commissions. In all, each year we are able to provide over $1 million to filmmakers, film projects and arts organizations through such programs.

Northwest Film Forum is a 501(c)3 organization and our tax ID number is 91-1702331. No goods or services are provided in exchange for contributions to our fiscal sponsorship program.

Contributions to The Questioneers are facilitated by Northwest Film Forum and can be made through multiple means.

  • Online through Paypal at the following link:

  • By check, made out to Northwest Film Forum with ‘The Questioneers’ written in the memo field.

       Check can be sent to the following address:   NorthwestFilmForum 1515 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122

  • Through donor advised funds through services such as Fidelity or Charles Schwab

  • Through employer matching gift programs. Examples of companies with matching gift programs are Microsoft, Boeing, Adobe, AT&T, Gates Foundation, etc.

If you have questions about this program or about any of the work we do with filmmakers, please write me at Your donation makes the growth and success of our region’s film community possible.


Christopher Day

Managing Director

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