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A cold winter day

we start our class with the goosebumps question and the kids went so excited they start thinking of what each one make them get goosebumps and they took the camera and start taking photos.

it was a cold day but all the questioneers kids was trying the best to express and take a good photos.

there is a question says describe the coldest place you've been and capture how you felt in the cold, so situation happend with a kid, he write that his house is the coldest place, and he asked me can i write my house, i told him yes if your house really the coldest place yes you can.

and we end the class by competition i divided the questioneers kids for 3 groups each group chose a topic and i told them i will put the winner best photo on the web site and this is the best photo taken for the 3 kids jonas, marvin and martin .


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