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Christmas lunch 2023

It is Christmas time that means Christmas lunch! We brought a pickup to pick the kids up so that it would be a new experience for them. We met infront of JCC at 3pm and picked them from there. The only rule was not standing up while moving.

We arrived to the restaurant and the whole time the Questioneer's kids were so happy singing!

There were 3 options on the lunch menu: crispy chicken, chicken sub or fahita. Each kid picked what they want from the menu.

After they ordered, I gave them a game regarding taking photos related to nature. I divided them into groups where each group is made of 2 . The competition started right away and they all went out of the restaurant like to the garden or backyard and started the hustle!

The food arrived and they all sat down to eat. It was delicious and the kids absolutely loved it! Meanwhile we discussed the photos they took and it went very well.

These are the photos they took.

Geryes and Jason are the ones who won.

Next is the a shortmovie showing the whole trip. You will absolutely feel the positive and happy spirit that was present !


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