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Questioneers Christmas Lunch

At the end of every season, the Questioneers finish their workbook for the season and start with the new book.

The end of fall classes and beginning of winter classes is an exciting time, because it is a time of love and celebration, it is the time for new beginnings.

To celebrate the beginning of a new season, Winter and the beginning of a new element, Water, We took the Questioneers out for a fun day of celebrations.

We decided to take the kids to a lunch party, prepared in their honor and celebrate Christmas together.

So I, Elie Assi the Lebanon Mentor and a Questioneers Alumni, picked up the Questioneers kids from class to go together for a road trip and then go to the restaurant to have our celebration lunch. We had a good time singing and waving to everyone we met on the road...

We arrived to the restaurant, the Questioneers were very happy and they were enjoying their time very much. The kids love these seasonal adventures we do at the end of every season and every time it is something new so the Questioneers work hard and learn hard for 12 weeks and then they play hard and have fun at the end.

I like this system because it also shows the kids that hard work and dedication is always rewarded.

When we arrived to the restaurant we all got surprised because invited family was invited too. The big surprise was that all the Questioneers kids started hugging and kissing my mother when they saw her.

They were so happy and excited to see her that i asked my mother how come they are doing so? She replied with a smile on her face saying they were all her students once upon a time.

I was really glad and thankful to have crossed with the same path as her and to know that education and spreading knowledge is part of who I am as a mentor and as a Questioneer!

At the end of the lunch the kids had some delicious cake from Seasweet, recieved their copybooks for the Winter season and returned home safely with wonderful memories and stories to tell.

This was a wonderful reward that encourages the kids to be more involved and to focus more and we are now excited to begin taking pictures and writing stories about winter and water. Enjoy this 3 minute video that shows the whole adventure.


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