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Since they had alot of exams at school, the Questioneer’s kids werent able to attend frequently and missed on some important sessions. However, now they are back and better than before!

Today was the first session that included to create an ad of a product of their choice!

I divided them into 4 groups and each group is made up of 2 persons. Each group was given the choice to choose their own idea to shoot on a condition it must not exceed the 1 minute timing

Each group chose a certain idea but both revolve around the same topic. They worked energetically inside the classroom since it was really hot outdoors.

I helped all groups indirectly in the same time didnt let them to depend on me.

They wanted me to get involved more and help them, however, it was important for them to know that they have to be independent.

The class was really nice and they continued working and shooting until they finished. The deadline was before 9 pm each group had to send the ad they created.

Joe and tia commercial

Reem and jonas

Martin and melissa

Carolina and jason


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