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I keep trying to challenge the questioneers kids, but every time they surprise me by taking everything I ask of them in stride. They approach each task with a sportsmanlike spirit and execute it immediately without hesitation.

We sat down to discuss film ideas, locations, actors, and all the elements related to the story we wanted to write. We decided to do an exercise in class where I chose a short video from YouTube, and they had to go out and shoot a similar one and edit it into a montage.

And so, our day began.

They managed to shoot scenes very similar to the original video, and it didn't take them long to think, decide what to shoot, where to shoot, and who would act. This was very impressive. I didn’t help them with anything; I just gave them the project and didn't intervene anymore. They organized, planned, and executed it all on their own.

When they finished the video, they sent it to me in the group, and they were very happy and excited. Let's watch it together.


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