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Saturday night we display the short movie that the questioneers kids act in it the movie talks about drug awareness

and we talk about how much fun they had Saturday and they are so proud of martin he was the main character of the short movie

we start our class by writhing what would you do differently if you ran your country? some of the questioneers kids answer : if i can change anything i will help all the poor people, and other said stop politics, other said prevent having homeless people, other said stop the pollution.

i divided the class into two teams, Every team made up of 5 children we organised a draw and each team chose an element, sad or happy. each team decided with its members where and what they are going to take the photos. Also they agreed on all the details to get the project done.

i gave them 30 mints to go and take the photo and come back. After they came i checked all the photos that the student took and i chose the best one for each team. the sad photo and the happy photo.

the attractive part of the two photos are that they can really let us know the sadness part of the sad photo and the happiest part of the happy photo. That make me really proud of the questionners kids and feel the success.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.


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