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Full of energy 😍

The cloudy weather calls for sleepy days! However, the questioneer's kids were the total opposite. They were full of energy and positive thinking. All they wanted to do was getting to know what the new semester is awaiting them and how will the competition be! Excitement was above all!

I decided to take all their phones to explain that this year they will be using their own phones to take the required photos. They understood that inorder to accept the challenge rightfully, they must be really focused and abide the rules such as doing the proper hashtags and the proper mentions on instagram application. They got really excited that each one of them will be posting his own pictures on his own profile so they wanted to just start already!

The problem we faced in this decision is that not all had accounts and not all knew how to use the application in a proper way! I explained to them everything related to instagram and the importance of it when it comes to exposure and awareness. We ended up downloading the app on the phones which didnt have it and started working rightaway.

Then we discussed that we will be preparing for a short movie too in parallel with other activities. They will be writing the script, act it, edit it. Teamwork is really important in this project that we will all be taking part in its execution. Everyone liked the idea and got really excited.

We finished off by everyone adding eachother on instagram and checking eachother's pictures. Some of them started testing this by uploading a picture and they got really happy about it. They cant wait for next week!


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