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Lets competition

The challenge was really on fire to an extent every questioneer kid was waiting anxiously to know who the winner is!

We started off the class by each student showing the best shot according to them on instagram. The questioneers kids exchanged opinions regarding their shots. They discussed the pros and cons about each one. While discussing, i brought them some chips so that they get more and more excited!

At the end, they all sat down waiting the announcement of the winner!

After we all checked eachothers shots, they sat down quietly and i told them the best two options were jason's and jonas's pictures. They voted Jason's picture to be the best. We all agreed on this decision. I also told them that April and Joseph chose the same picture too!

when we were done from this, i told them about the new competition and they got excited all over again.

The class was divided into groups. Each group consists of 2 persons. Each group has to start thinking of ideas regarding the movie for next week.


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