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Lets share our first day of winter with the questioneers lebanon class

The questioneers kids start the first class of winter season, water element.

I ,elie assi start the class by asking the kids how was there week and what they did, and each one of them tell me a story about his week.

I ask the questioneers kids if they understand the questions, and after that they start fill in the page and think and help each other, when they finish writing they start deciding what they want to take a picture, i help them in this part to let them take a good photo by helping them to express there feelings in a picture.

Now lets talk about the best part, when the questioneers kids get so excited after they choose what they want to shoot. Each kid has his own camera and number, they go and take the camera and leave the class to start to find best photo to take.

When they come i see each photo the questioneers kids took and tell them if its good or no, and if no i tell them to try it and do it again, they are learinh quick because they are I love with this class.

I want to show you some of the questioneers kids photo of what they took and how talented they are.

Every week before ending the class they choose a game to play to let them get used to team work.

Last but not least, after i finish the questioneers class i met a student father at the street, and he start telling me how much his son is getting better and start sharing things at home and when we go out with the family and tel him to take a photo of us he doing in a very happy way. He made my day honestly.


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