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Lets win together

As usual, all questioneer's kids are very excited to see the results of the photos taken. Thats why we started the class by checking them and they gave their opinions about each one.

What is nice about this experience is that they learn to share opinions in a great manner and encourage eachother to do better. They also learn the art of discussion through teamwork and sharing.

After discussing everyone's shots, we put the winner's shot on screen and saw it on a large scale. Jason looked afraid of not winning because in his point of view he worked so hard to take the shots.

Who do you think will win?

After we gave the prize to Jason and Tia, they were so happy about it since everyone applauded and said bravo to them!

Again, the questioneer's kids got excited all over again for next week's theme. The theme was about "free palestine".

We talked about the movie that we will be making and discussed some details about it. Everyone shared their ideas . Although they have alot of stress at school, however, they will bring new ideas for next week's class and want to improve themselves.

And the winners for this week are jason and tia

Lets see their photos together




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