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Rainy day

It was definitely a rainy day, however the questioneer's kids were happy about it. They all attended and showed big interest. We discussed the good pictures they took and couldnt wait to know the winner.

We checked each and everyone's shot and talked about the pros and cons of each. They decided which picture is the best but before i gave them an assignment. The assignment is about to go and take a shot live although it was raining. We all agreed that Reem's shot was the best.

There were some students that were complaining about not having the enough time to take the perfect shot. But eventually they did so they got really excited about it. Lets check together the pictures they took!

They downlaoded all pictures on instagram and we decided to let them know tonight about who the winner is.

The following pictures is in my opinion the best picture taken in this session and thatWajmal sura sawarowa lyom ana araret eno reem ghattas ajmal sura li hiye hayde


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