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Rolling camera

-We decided to start filming short movies since the Questioneer’s kids were ready. I divided them into 3 groups where each group involves 3 kids with a short story to work on. The work will be divided as this: 2 kids will be acting and the 3rd will be the one with the camera and director in the same time.

-The short story talks about 2 friends decided to rob a shop but the robbing gets wrong and gets ruined when one of them does a stupid act.

-The questioneers kids will be shooting the scene after the running away happens and prepare the dialogue that will be taking place

-They started practicing for the scene they created and they seemed so excited while doing it. Before they went to shoot the scene, they asked me some questions regarding everything and ofcourse i helped them in all aspects. However, independence is also important so as much as we can we try to make them like to depend on themselves and enjoy the process! Afterall, acting and shooting are all new to them and they are giving all they can and we appreciate it!

-They came back the following week and checked the work they have done one by one. Each one of them gave his or her opinion and we all discussed the pros and cons of each project.

-Lets see what did they shoot and receive your opinion about them. Keep in mind that this is the first time they work in this way and create on their own!

Camera operator: martin

Actors: melissa + nada

Camera operator: jonas

Actors: marvin + joe


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