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we start our class by asking the questioneers kids about how was this year and we start singing and clapping. This year we build trust between all the kids and they understand what the meaning of team work.

today is the first time that i knew that the questioneers kids love music when we read the page 25 all the kids was excited and happy they said that the music can make them relax and give them power and make them give love and hope for each other.

i divided them for 2 groups and each group choose an instrument and start to take a good photos for the piano and the darbouka the good thing that happening is that they ask each other how they want to take the photo and if they help them to take the good one. Each team work in a good way.

Lets see some photo the questioneers take of the instrument

when we finish we decided to play a game all together and have some fun before each of us leave and go home. It was a great day and we all leave happy.

Teamwork begins by building trust.


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