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The questioneers first year in lebanon

we start preparing for the event 2 days before. All the questioneers kids was helping me and preparing for the event, they was so happy and all active and support to each other. They made me feel so proud because from day one when i start with the questioneers kids i felt it will be so hard to make them independent and calm and to let them focus on their dreams and thoughts .

the big day. i wake up early and get the cake and put the juice and the candies and the popcorn machine in each room and the questioneers kids and parents are preparing them selfs to come at time .

4:00 pm the event start and all the parents was here and all the kids was shy and happy all the kids go and take popcorn and all the parents start to see the photos that the questioneers kids took. I explained to the parents that i divided the four seasons into four rooms and each room has each season photos that the kids took. So each kid photo and the season photo and the quote..

first room we put popcorn machine and a volunteer to serve the kids, and the second room season 2 we put the candies and the third room season 3 we put the juice, and last room and last season we put the cake, and in the last room we will project the movie we made for the kids and give the certificates to the kids, and distributed the four awards .

i start ask the parents about what the think if there kids is doing good or if they get any change since they have started with the questioneers. All the parents was so positive and support and tell us how much there kids is happy and want to stay and learn more form the quetioneers.

The certificates:

We want to thank april and josef for all there hard work to let this year pass in a good way and be successful.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful


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