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Y2W7- Butterflies

A fun exercise about taking a photograph of a butterfly:

  1. Take the Questioneers to a butterfly garden, park or any area where they can find butterflies. Make sure the area is safe and accessible for the Questioneers.

  2. Provide each Questioneer with a camera or smartphone with a camera and explain to them the basics of how to capture a photo of a butterfly. Explain that butterflies are fast-moving insects and can be difficult to capture in a photograph.

  3. Instruct the Questioneers to look for a butterfly they would like to photograph. Tell them to approach the butterfly slowly and quietly, being careful not to scare it away.

  4. Explain to the Questioneers the importance of getting close to the butterfly to capture its details. However, it's essential not to get too close, or they might scare the butterfly away.

  5. Encourage the Questioneers to take multiple shots of the butterfly from different angles and distances.

  6. Once the Questioneers have taken their photos, have them review them and choose their favorite. Ask them to explain why they chose that particular photo and what techniques they used to achieve their desired effect.

  7. Next, challenge the Questioneers to try to capture the butterfly in flight. They can experiment with different shutter speeds and camera settings to freeze the motion of the butterfly's wings or create a blur effect.

  8. After the Questioneers have finished taking photos of the butterfly, have them create a short story or poem about the butterfly and the experience of photographing it.

This exercise teaches Questioneers about the challenges and rewards of photographing fast-moving insects like butterflies. It encourages them to experiment with different camera settings and techniques to capture the beauty and details of the butterfly. It also promotes creativity and storytelling.


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