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Y2W8- A Growing Seed

A timelapse exercise about capturing the growth of a little garbanzo bean:

  1. Provide each Questioneer with a small plastic cup, soil, and a garbanzo bean. Instruct them to fill their cup with soil and plant their garbanzo bean about 2 cm deep.

  2. Encourage the Questioneers to place their cups in a well-lit area, such as near a window or under a grow light.

  3. Instruct the Questioneers to take a photo of their garbanzo bean every day for the next week, making sure to capture the progress of its growth. They can experiment with different camera angles and perspectives to create interesting compositions.

  4. After a week has passed, have the Questioneers review their photos and create a time-lapse video of their garbanzo bean's growth using a video editing software or app.

  5. Finally, have the Questioneers share their time-lapse videos with the group and discuss their experience. Ask them to reflect on what they learned about the growth process of a plant and how they used photography to capture it.


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