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Joseph Assi

Chief Technology Officer - USA

Joseph began his career in film editing at the age of 14, editing news footage in the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where he was born and raised. 

His talent, intellect and creativity led to multiple scholarships in Beirut, where he graduated with a BA in Film and a Masters in Cinematography. One of Ansel Adams’ students was Joseph’s teacher. 

​In 2010, Joseph was chosen to be featured in a documentary in the US. This unique opportunity allowed him to work in America, and to train with a team of multicultural and award-winning documentaries in LA. This is also where he met April, and came on board with the vision of The Questioneers.

He took April back to Lebanon for The Questioneers in 2010 and that is where the Questioneers Documentary began. ​In 2016 Joseph started a media  company with Tom Skerritt in Seattle, and he was also a teacher and lecturer at TheFilmSchool, where he taught editing and new media storytelling. 

Joseph maintains proficiency across every aspect of new media technology - such as Cinematography, Editing, animation, web-design, NFTs, and all things Tech. He has an extraordinary work ethic broadened and deepened by his life experience, and shares that knowledge with his students.

Joseph Assi
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