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In 2010 The Questioneers was formed in a little school in Southern California. A few children came together under the supervision of April to start learning about the world.
They met at the school library and talked about world issues. Soon enough the kids began reaching out to other children around the world and that is how the first connection was formed between the USA Questioneers and the Panama Questioneers. Soon after, the USA Questioneers connected to the Lebanon Questioneers

Through the eyes of Chowder, the Questioneers Mascot, the kids learned about the world. 
Chowder would travel the world and come back with amazing pictures and stories from all the countries that Chowder would visit. 

The kids began gathering these images and stories from around the world and started the first book of the Questioneers; Letters and adventures about the kids of the world through the eyes of Chowder. 

The USA Questioneers continue to be the cornerstone of this amazing international group of kids and the new USA Questioneers group is currently forming on Harstine Island in the Salish Sea of the North West.

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