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In Association with the J.C.C.

Thanks to the Joint Christian Comity, the Questioneers have found a home in Lebanon, in Dbayeh's Palestinian refugee camp.

7 boys & 3 girls meet every Tuesday at JCC to learn about storytelling & camera work in order to express themselves and the world around them in better ways.


In March of 2022 10 children were chosen to embark on a journey of education in accordance with the curriculum of the Questioneers [The 4 elements].

Starting in spring [The Wind Element] and ending in winter [The Water Element], the Questioneers will become avid photographers and seasoned storytellers through the weekly classes given to them by their 2 mentors, Elie & Miray Assi over the span of a full year. The kids learn the fundamentals of Camera Work and the basics of storytelling.

The Questioneers sessions are filled with knowledge but do not lack the important elements of playfulness and joyfulness.

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