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When art love and creativity meet, ambitious kids is whom we will be working with in the present and the future. Dedication and loyalty to the program is what defines the Questioneers kids alongside their perseverence and passion towards photography makes the bond so special between them and the course.

They were waiting for me anxiously outside

infront of the class too eager to know what does today’s session hold for them. At the same time, they were showing eachother what shots they took which i find to be so incredibly motivating!

The challenge was about each kid to capture a shot of colored eyes and show it to me. Each shot has to tell a story whether its a happy or a sad one, exciting or disappointing and so on. They had 35 minutes to figure out this assignment.

They all went and started right away searching for colored eyed people at the camp and the story behind those eyes! Honestly, each time they are surprising us more and more and they are making it harder to choose the best ones. We literally couldnt pick one so we ended up picking two. They belong to Reem and Jason.


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