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-The best feeling is to work with motivated kids that are full of energy and have the urge to want more and have the spirit of wanting to develop their skills always. Throughout all these sessions, the Questioneer’s kids are really showing the progress they are making. This makes it harder on me as an instructor to choose the best shots which makes me so happy!

-We started the class by giving them an assignment of taking shots of either happy or sad emotions. They went right away to begin and wouldnt come back until taking the right shot.

-I followed them outside and took all their phones and distributed those same phones randomly to them so that they feel a new experience during this class.

-They got really excited about this experience so they started right away in taking the best shots. During this, a Questioneer’s kid’s father passed by and told me about his daughter that how come she never wins. I replied that the right time will come and she will win but the competition is so high!

-The Questioneer’s kids came back and put all the phones down. Each one of them showcases their shots and explained them. This time i gave them to opportunity to choose the best shot among all but it was hard on them since all shots were really nice.

-It all came down to 3 shots but it was so hard to choose one of them.

-Nada’s shot was chosen to be the best shot and it was the first time she wins! Happiness was all over the place and they said that they couldnt wait for next week’s session!

-Now its time to play a game!

-By the way, today’s father that passes by randomly happens to be Nada’s father. What a beautiful coincidence right?!


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