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Y2W1-The Apple Exercise

This week's fun photography exercise for Questioneers involving an apple is to create a mini photo series using the apple as the subject.

Here are the steps:

  1. Have the child pick out an apple and place it on a plain, contrasting background. A white or black piece of paper works well.

  2. Instruct the child to take a close-up photo of the apple, making sure to fill the frame with the apple. Encourage them to experiment with different angles and perspectives.

  3. Next, have the child take a photo of the apple from a slightly farther distance, so that the apple takes up about half of the frame.

  4. Finally, instruct the child to take a photo of the apple in its environment, such as on a table or in a fruit bowl. Encourage them to play with the composition of the photo, such as positioning the apple off-center.

  5. Once the photos are taken, have the child review them and select their favorite one from each category. Then, help them arrange the photos in a mini series, either by printing them out or creating a digital collage.

This exercise allows the Questioneers to practice their photography skills while also exploring different creative possibilities using a single subject.


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