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Y2W4- The Wind Exercise

Week four's interactive photography exercise about air or wind, for our little Questioneers:

  1. Before beginning, ask your Questioneers to take a moment and observe their surroundings. Ask them to focus on what they can see, hear and feel that is related to the air or wind. For example, they may see leaves rustling or hear wind chimes tinkling.

  2. Once they have taken a moment to observe, explain that their task is to capture the feeling of the wind or air in a photograph.

  3. To start, ask your Questioneers to find an object that they think represents the wind or air. This could be something like a kite or a flag fluttering in the breeze.

  4. Encourage them to experiment with different angles and perspectives when taking their photos. Ask them to take a photo from a low angle, as if they were looking up at the sky, or from a high angle, as if they were looking down on the object.

  5. To add some movement to their photos, they could try taking a photo of a person running or jumping in the wind, or they could take a photo of a scarf or piece of fabric blowing in the breeze.

  6. Once they have taken a few photos, encourage your Questioneers to review them and think about which ones best capture the feeling of the wind or air.

  7. To take the exercise a step further, you could ask your Questioneers to create a photo story with their wind or air photos. They could use the photos to tell a story about a windy day or how the wind affects different objects.

  8. Finally, you could encourage your Questioneers to share their photos and photo stories with others. They could create a display or gallery of their wind or air photos for others to see and enjoy.

Remember, the key is to have fun and be creative with this exercise. With a bit of imagination, your Questioneers can capture the magic of the wind or air in their photos!


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