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After the rain

1-In Lebanon, schools are going through midterm exams so as a result that puts alot of pressure on the kids. Despite of this, the Questioneers kids never fail to amaze me! Most of them attended and this shows how much they are excited for this class. The other quarter couldnt make it because of the pressure of their parents that studying for school is a priority. And we totally understand that!

To the ones attended, i gave them an assignment to do during class and that is to take 3 medium close and large shots in nature. The point is to work as a team and the work is divided amongst all in terms of acting and shooting. They had limited time and that was 40 minutes. The topic was about happiness and friends in nature.

They were all focused and divided the work in a very good team spirit. They decided that Melissa was the main character. Reem’s telephone was the one to use since it has good cameta. Jonas took part of the shooting in addition to Reem. They all had a good time in shooting too.

They came back to class and showed me the shots they took . I prepared for them a game and divided them into 2 teams and it wad a fun game! It was definitely a lovely and productive day!

Let us see the 3 photos together:

after the class ended, the Questioneer’s kids surprised me with a cake since it was my birthday. I couldnt be any happier!❤️


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