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Nature quiz

the questioneers kids start our class today by drawing someone they miss, some of them choose his father,uncle, grandma, cousin,friend. and each of them write that if they can tell them any thing what would they say, all choose that they miss them because all the questioneers kids choose someone travel or dead, it was really sensitive but all of them was happy because they miss this people.

today we decided to make a quick exam to see in this all season what the questioneers kids learn, i decided to ask them what would they take a photo of if they have the opinion to choose, half of them choose to take a photo of a creative thing and half of them choose to take a photo of the nature so we decied to mix them and take a creative nature photo, all of them agree and felt happy, i gave them 30 minutes to go and take 3 photos and we will choose the best one and make it the best for each questioneers kids.

after they finish and come back to the class i saw all the great photos that the queationeers kid took and choose one of each kid.

than i show the kids each photo without knowing who took the photos and told them to put a grade to each photo and everyone put high grade for each other because really all the photos was looking great and creative.

all of them was so excited and focusing on each photo and they love all the photos and talk in a good way and start clapping, i told them each questioneers kid take his own photo but after they come and show me the photos i knew that they help each other to let all there friends get a great photo.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.


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