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One shot

We gathered all together after the Christmas lunch we did last time. They were so happy about getting back and will continue the effort times ten. Photography for the questioneer's kids has become a major thing in their life and plays a role in expressing themselves.

I divided them into groups and each group is made up of 2 kids. This was done through picking random papers written on each random name of the questioneer's kids. Each group had to take a video of track in and track out of an object. The video must not exceed 6 to 12 seconds. They had 30 minutes to take the perfect shot and be creative.

They came back from this photography experience with memories in mind carved forever. Each time the Questioneer's kids are getting better at working together in groups. They were so excited and tensed in the same time to show me their videos since it was the first time they work on one shot.

I explained to them the importance of choosing the perfect frame. There are details that they should be considering while choosing the frame like the details that will appear are much more important than the frame itself.

Let us see the results:

  1. reem and nada

2- jonas and marven and geryes

3- tia and melissa

4- jason and joe

5- martin and carolina


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