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Scene 1

A new day began with a new class in Summer season with the Questioneer's kids. We played a game related to water since its hot and it would be really nice to make them feel some coolness. In the same time, this game led us dividing the kids into 2 groups. The game is about having a big bowl and inside of it we placed a coffee cup. The challenge is throwing a coin from a distance and the ones who can throw the coin and place it inside the cup will be on the same group. The ones who dont will be on the second group.

Today was the first time to introduce new ideas to the kids. The main idea was after dividing the kids into 2 groups, Each group writes a different story. Also, they should include 3 main phases in their stories. They surprised me with their creativity and the way they came up with the story telling ideas.

Once they finished and read the stories, we decided to choose a specific scene from group A and to be shot next week by both groups.


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