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something from nothing

On a rainy and cloudy day, the questioneer's kids showed up with a big smile on their face waiting eagerly to know about the new project!

I decided to announce the winners as a start of the session to excite them! Silence was the title of those few minutes. I showed them the 2 winning shots and all started applauding for the winners. Some of them were sad , however, they kept on reminding themselves of the challenge itself. The winners were Martin and Melissa!

After we distributed the prize to the winners, it was Jason's and Elio's turn to let us know their ideas about the new movie. The idea revolved about the difference between poverty and the rich.

The story of the movie is about a kid that lives in a very poor area and works as a beggar and gets mistreated alot. Also, another kid that lives in a rich area and has better opportunities in life. They both meet on the streets. This is when the story begins where the rich kid wants to help the poor kid and makes himself one of them as in a beggar. He wanted to know how they sleep and eat, how they live and under what conditions they survive. His goal was to liberate them from the poor condition they live. I divided them into 2 groups and told them to start thinking of a movie name and more details about the events of the movie.

After that, i made the 2 groups go take photos under the title of " something out of nothing".

those are the results of the 2 groups.


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