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Step by step

We will be explaining to you the process which the Questioneers kids went through to make the movie.

First we divided the class into two groups and each group was a must to write a short story.

We chose one group of both to start with showing from A to Z in making a movie.

Each group is divided into 5 people. After they finished writing the story, they read it out loud. The chosen group's story was really romantic and a very exciting love story.

We chose a specific scene from this movie to shoot it. After they all agreed to shoot this scene, we talked in precise about the smallest details in making of. This included in making the storyboard and the teammeates each one of them took the required position. The other team also took part of this and helped them in the preparation phase.

After they were done with the preparations and making the storyboard ready, the Questioneers kids started training in acting the scenes and things started to be taken really seriously. The group that was responsible for the location went and discovered the wanted location for the scene. Also, a shooting date was set to start filming.

On filming day, we started the acting process and everything was going smoothly. But after repeating the same scene for many times, the kids felt tired and bored. But we gave them a motivational speech talking about the importance of what they are doing and not to ever give up on something that they really like. This gave them like ana extra boost to continue and get excited all over again.

After that, we went back to class and explained the idea and concept of editing.

surprisingly, they took it very lightly and were able to understand the condept of editing and how it works. Thid made me sure that they really like this major and have the passion and patience to work in it. Not only that but also they curiosity to know more is really interesting.

So we finished from acting training and filming the scene and the editing was going smoothly. After that, we had some final touch ups regarding the sound which we will take care of it and work on it next week. And also after finishing from that too, we will upload the scene on the website for you to watch it and give us your honest opinion.

We ended the day by making the Questioneers kids play a game because they really do love challenges!


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