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Team 2 scene 2

We had a meeting with the second group. We discussed everything related to scriptwriting and filming

After the decision was made about what to film and how to divide the roles, it was time to start filming and prepare the first take from the first scene!

It was definitely an amazing experience and the Questioneers kids were really excited in working in one group . They truely experienced the meaning of teamwork! But then it was getting really hot outdoors snd decided to continue indoor.

They prepared all the indoor setup and practiced really good before filming. Excitement is really everything!

What was interesting about this session was that the questioneers kids wanted to be independent completely. For example, they wanted to apply their own makeup and didnt accept my help in any aspect. This made me feel so proud of them!

This was the part where they were shooting the last scene of the project and it is good to say that they ended their first filming project!

After they were done with filming, it was time to start editing. We discussed about the do and donts for next time and each kid's performance during the filming process and after.

When the editing part was done, i gave the questioneers kids an exercise that states to film an interview with 2 persons while being divided into 2 groups! It was also a lovely experience.

stay tuned for next time!


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